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  Industrial Optics

 Radiant Energy


  Optics Equipment

Consulting industrial units in optical metrology and non-destructive testing, machine vision (production-line quality control), maintenance of mechanical and optical machinery and laser systems.

Radiant Energy; green solutions in energy saving, design and installing industrial LED illumination and IR heaters and developing high efficient solar collectors.

Providing university research units with optics and laser equipment; distributing the products of world-class suppliers.

optomechanics, optical elements, CCDs ...

Hyrcan RayMechanics Ltd. (Parto-Mechanic-e-Hyrcan)

No. 16, 28th Janbaz St., Janbazan Blvd. Gorgan, 49166-47673, Iran



RayMechanics is about bringing the light into industry. We combine optical and mechanical engineering with different technological disciplines to provide innovative solutions to our costumers. 

Currently our main activities are focused on:

- Industrial Optical/Mechanical and Laser systems

- Radiant Energyenergy saving solutions

- Optics and Photonics laboratory equipment